Shiftup enables the economical and fast realisation of large-scale projects through transparent communication and securing the commitment of consumers.

Local projects.
Stronger together.

Digital communication and efficient citizen participation

Local energy and infrastructure projects are often delayed due to a lack of acceptance from citizens. Shiftup is an online tool that supports municipalities, energy providers and energy cooperatives in involving citizens in these projects at an early stage. Our platform enables transparent communication across all project phases and creates network effects through the visibility of other participants, which strengthens local support. This accelerates the smooth realisation of projects.

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Customisable white label solutions for every use case

Develop heat networks

Optimise the planning and communication of heat networks with a customer-centric approach.

Utilise PV potential

Bundle the demand from residents for the efficient realisation of PV projects in the neighbourhood.

Share charging infrastructure

Advance the demand-driven expansion of electric charging for collective use.

Expand fibre optics

Ensure investment security for your planned FTTH expansion in a specific area.

Offer service solutions

Also suitable for heat pumps, mini PV plants, other individual solutions and group purchases.

Realise larger projects

Increase public acceptance for wind and solar parks to realise your project without delay.

Project flow with Shiftup


Project creation

With just a few clicks, you can create a digital point of contact for information and communication with end customers for your project.

Activate customers

Information and pre-marketing

A local campaign is organised in combination with Shiftup as a pre-marketing tool. The AIDA principle ensures citizen participation.

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Secure commitment

Demand-orientated project planning

The early query of customer requirements and step-by-step securing of commitment ensure planning security for your project.

Constant interaction

Successful realisation

The project is realised and end customers are kept up to date via Shiftup.

Advantages of the digital platform solution

Targeted addressing

The Shiftup platform makes it possible to target residents in predefined neighbourhoods, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs.

Possibilities for constant interaction

Stay in digital dialogue with end customers throughout the course of the project to keep them up to date with the latest developments.

Efficient customer management

The digitalisation of the customer relationship transforms the non-commodity business by minimising personnel costs and allocating resources efficiently.

Digital commitment

The step-by-step digital commitment guarantees investment security for neighbourhood projects and creates long-term customer loyalty.

Participatory planning

The participatory approach enables a demand-orientated roll-out of energy solutions.

Efficient data query

Customisable query routes facilitate the systematic collection of customer and building data as well as individual information requests.

Integrated solutions

The combined implementation of several solutions is facilitated, for example the expansion of photovoltaic systems and charging infrastructure.

Energy transition in the building stock

The customisable platform enables the economical and rapid implementation of energy and infrastructure projects in existing buildings.

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Whether you are an energy provider, local authority or consulting firm: Together we shape a sustainable and digital future.

Send us a message or ask us your questions.

Contact us

Whether you are an energy provider, local authority or consulting firm: Together we shape a sustainable and digital future.

Send us a message or ask us your questions.